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Contractors Embrace Province™ Slate

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Contractors Embrace Province™ Slate

June 1, 2023
Davinci Roofscapes

From California to Minnesota to Florida, contractors are embracing Province Slate. Launched a year ago by DaVinci® Roofscapes, the composite single-width slate roofing tiles now grace homes and commercial structures from coast-to-coast.

The 12-inch wide tile has a fixed 8-inch exposure, evoking a historical nature with authentic natural slate appeal. Each tile has an enhanced backside rib structure and self-aligning ledge for ease and speed of installation. 

So, why the instant success for Province Slate?

“My customers wanted the look and performance of a composite slate,” says Ryan Kruse, owner of Florida Specialty Roofing, out of Orlando, Florida. However they wanted a product that could compete price-wise with traditional concrete. This led the way for us to propose DaVinci Province Slate.

“This composite product comes in at a very competitive price point without any sacrifice in quality or performance. Homeowners like that it matches the look of a single-width slate option while adding value to their home.”

Scott Kim, owner of WGM Contracting in Virginia, agrees with Kruse. “Province Slate is 5/8-inch thick,” say Kim. “It has realistic chisel marks like DaVinci Single-Width Slate. However, Province Slate is significantly lower in material cost due to the new design. They offer the same 8-inch exposure, but they’re faster to install, so we save on installation costs.”


Made of virgin resins, UV and thermal stabilizers, along with a specialized fire retardant, Province Slate shingles are Class 4 impact and Class A fire rated. The composite slate tiles resist algae, moss, insects and fading. A “built in rain gutter” system on the side of the shingles allows water to drain safely onto the tiles below without having a longer flange.

Modeled after actual slate, the tiles have a natural, non-repeating beauty that complements a wide variety of home styles nationwide. The synthetic slate tiles resist severe weather, high winds and fungus growth.

Backed by a Lifetime Limited Material Warranty, Province Slate tiles do not curl, cup or split. They endure beautifully in any climate and come in a wide variety of colors.


There’s an old saying that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Apparently that doesn’t apply to roofers --- especially those with years of installation history with DaVinci products. DaVinci Masterpiece Contractors, those roofers most experienced with DaVinci products, are eagerly stepping up to install the new Province Slate tiles.

“We’ve installed DaVinci products for 15 years,” says Todd Knight, president of Dynasty Roofing in Fort Worth, Texas.

“We really like the authentic slate look of Province Slate. It’s got a reasonable price point for a high-end product, and we like the ease of installation.”

In Santa Barbara, California, roofer Jack Martin with Action Roofing has had the same experience. “I believe the exposure and thickness of the Province Slate is impressive,” says Martin. “The cost is also fair. I anticipate installing Province Slate a great deal in the coming year as people see this new product. It’s going to be a winner.”

Davinci Roofscapes



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