Coming in 2000: More Products

Next year, Professional Remodeler will publish 12 issues--including three product tabloids.

October 31, 1999

Three years ago, when we launched Professional Remodeler, we asked remodelers to list the information that they most needed to run their businesses. Then we asked how difficult it was to find that information. We discovered several areas of need that weren’t being fulfilled in the marketplace. We aimed to fill those holes.

The result is the magazine you hold in your hands. We target the strategies that a remodeling company needs to build sustainable, long-range profitability. We’re education oriented, presenting those strategies in the voice of the remodelers who are successfully using them.

The top information need, however, was new product announcements. Although plenty of sources existed for this key information need, we created a product section unlike any other. Our new-product presentation quickly and succinctly tells you what the benefits are, where the products are available, and what kind of warranties they carry. Our editors track down those details because most suppliers don’t include them.

A continuing frustration was that because of the space we devote to each product, we were unable to present as many new products as we would have preferred. We had created an excellent service, but we weren’t able to deliver the maximum quality.

We’ve found a way to solve that problem, though. Next year, Professional Remodeler will publish 12 issues. That’s three more issues than you received this year. And we’re going to go one better. In February, August and November, Professional Remodeler will be devoted entirely to products. Those three issues will be tabloid-sized product issues including more of the product introductions that you’ve come to expect in our Product Showcase department. In keeping with our dedication to meeting readers’ needs, and in keeping with our philosophy of using remodelers to teach remodelers, we’d like to invite you to help us keep the remodeling industry abreast of the truly innovative, creative, problem-solving products on the market.

We’ve heard countless stories of how remodelers found a product or used an existing product to solve a particularly perplexing problem on the job. Many of you have pointed out in conversations how pleased you were with a new product you’d discovered.

It’s time to share those findings with your peers. Send your favorite products--including model number and brand name--via email to or by fax to (847) 635-9950. Jot down a few words explaining what that product has done for you. We’ll add our reader recommendations to our collection of new products that will appear in our new tabloids.

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