Coaching the Millennials on Your Sales Team

More than any generation before them, Millennials appreciate mentors more than “bosses”

April 20, 2015
Coaching the Millennials on Your Sales Team

There can be a clash in culture and expectations between generations when working with a sales team of Millennials. Sandler Training offers tips on how to establish a working relationship.

Young adults born between the early 1980s to the late 1990s – generally referred to  as Millennials  – have a specific set of behaviors and preferences based on their upbringing and involvement with technology during their childhood. This gives them a work ethic distinct from generations before them.

“They [are] the first generation to have grown up with Internet accessibility at their fingertips, which explains their desire for instant gratification,” writes Sandler Enterprise Selling Vice President Brian Sullivan.

Moreover, unlike prior generations, Millennials generally want to see their supervisors and managers as coaches and mentors, and they “admire experience and knowledge over position and power,” Sullivan adds.

Hence, providing constant feedback in real-time is a way to let them know they are not doing something wrong, or that they can correct something as soon as possible.

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