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Clark Crosson, 36

Clark Crosson shares one of the most challenging aspects of renovations: pets.

April 05, 2021
Clark Crosson


CrossTek Construction / Huntsville, Ala.

2020 Revenue: $2.5 million

A Unique Remodeling Challenge:Clark Crosson

Working in remodeling presents a unique set of challenges that no one in construction deals with: Pets. Cats are trickiest. They try to get into the crawlspace through holes in the subfloor or walk across a newly grouted bathroom floor tile. Dogs want to help but end up knocking paint cans off the ladder. Once we had a rabbit lay down in the middle of a floor demo and all the workers just stopped and stared; no one knew what to do.

Dogs want to help but end up knocking paint cans off the ladder. 

The worst is when you have to tell a homeowner, “Here’s your invoice for a $10,000 down payment—oh, and by the way, your dog escaped when we were coming in this morning. We finally corralled him in a neighbor’s yard four streets down. Here’s the address…”

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