Certified Graduate Remodeler Profile

Paul Sullivan, CGR, The Sullivan Co., Newton Highlands, Mass

June 30, 2000

Paul Sullivan, CGR

The Sullivan Co.

Newton Highlands, Mass.

Q: Why did you decide to pursue your CGR designation?

A: The CGR designation shows that I take my profession seriously. My clients recognize that I have put the effort into certification to improve the services that I can offer them.

Q: How long have you been a CGR?

A: I earned my CGR designation in 1996. Tony Thompson and Bill Asdal presented it to me during the Fall Boards in Orlando, Florida.

Q: What courses and information from the CGR program have you been able to apply immediately in your business?

A: One of the most beneficial courses I took was Estimating. Whenever there's one important thing you can take away from a course, I consider it a success. The instructor focused on three techniques: square footage, component and stick. I use these three methods as a check and balance on each preliminary estimate that I do. My firm does not competitively bid projects, so this is helpful information to my clients in determining the validity of my numbers.

Q: How has being a CGR helped you in marketing to potential clients?

A: I pursued the CGR designation generally as part of my marketing effort. Not only was it beneficial in that respect, but I gained some valuable knowledge at the same time. CGR courses are a great value when you consider that.

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