Case Study: Touchstone, a Compact Fireplace for All Seasons and Climates

sponsored | December 09, 2021

In houses of long ago, the fireplace has often served as the home's centerpiece, providing warmth and a place to cook over a roaring fire. Today, the entire kitchen has usurped that role as the heart of the home and become the gathering place. Case in point: this year’s Model ReModel home.

One of the features that makes Mark and Mina Fies’ newly enlarged two-part kitchen function as a magnet is Touchstone Home Products’ Sideline Elite electric 50-inch fireplace, recessed into the oversized kitchen island.

It replaced the existing gas fireplace and became a solution to the new open-plan layout. The homeowners, also owners of Synergy Design & Construction, preferred an electric fireplace because it would offer a wow factor not usually expected in a kitchen, let alone on an island.

But the choice was more than aesthetically appealing. Touchstone Home Products, Inc., a Philadelphia-based manufacturer, offers a wide selection of recessed, wall insert, and wall mount electric fireplaces. The Touchstone Sideline® Elite Electric Fireplace featured in this remodel provides premium electric fireplace features: a choice of six realistic flame color combinations in oranges, blues, and whites, a slim design with minimal frame available in five widths (42” up to 100”) that gives a modern look while fitting many kitchen styles, a built-in Wi-Fi programmable thermostat, other Wi-Fi features that make it compatible with light switches and smart plugs, and a remote- and app-controlled heater.

The fireplace is also energy efficient, manufactured with LED light technology. For a more traditional home, log set options resemble real wood logs, and for a more modern home, Touchstone offers the crystals option. And because the fireplace is ventless and recessed, it can be installed almost anywhere in the room. For more information, go online to

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