Call-Center Success Is No Mystery

Reborn Cabinets uses a clear, well-defined sales system, and its call center reaps the rewards

May 26, 2017
Call center workers at desks

Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Diana Varisova

Reborn Cabinets, in Anaheim, Calif., is known for having a highly profitable call center with low employee turnover. One of the keys to the call center’s success is its systematized process, as seen in the diagram at right. The flow chart helps staff clearly understand their jobs and allows managers to pinpoint exactly where a problem may have occurred. “You have to put [every system] on paper,” says Vince Nardo, Reborn’s president. “If you don’t do it consistently, you can’t measure the results. Often there’s something missing in the process and we’ll modify it.” 


Reborn Cabinets inbound call flow chart

Reborn Cabinets outbound call flow chart

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Well, the call centre industry has been so very competitive and many firms or call centre companies are becoming more and more successful because many businesses are relying more on them. Of course another thing that makes them successful is their processes, without good processes and strategies the business will fall eventually. As you can see the diagram, the flow is the key for their success. Many call centre firms are now very successful such as Sitel, Accenture, IBM etc.

Yazmin Barajas, BPO Marketing

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