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An idea that went from crazy to genious in 16 games

What homeowners want to know today is why your product is worth their money. The rest is baloney.

Go Granny video

Opening screen of 2011 Network Solutions "Go Granny" video

Optimism is at an eight-year high, Wells Fargo survey finds

People are your company's greatest asset—an asset that requires close attention and a strategic focus 

With more and more manufacturers promising windows that last a lifetime, window replacement contractors are often choosing to follow suit

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Determining what kind of help you need, and when, can not only see your business through a crisis, it can help provide a basis for stable growth

Immigrant installers can be a dream come true when you rise to the communication challenge

Advertisements have become a sort of background noise, so how do we get consumers to engage with our message?

Why a culture of trust and information sharing trumps one of competition driven by me-first motives 

Image: courtesy Facebook

Social media platform tests a new feature for hiring

Is your business primed and ready for success in the coming year? If not, here's how to gear up

What it is, how it works, and why it’s a great marketing tool for remodelers

Landis Architects/Builders uses cardboard VR viewers at an event to engage with attendees

Cardboard virtual reality viewers, such as this one from Unofficial Cardboard, are both affordable and effective at providing an immersive 3-D experience. Photos: courtesy Landis Architects/Builders

When it comes to helping clients see more and see differently, Landis Architects/Builders enlists the help of virtual reality 

Why we use a specific process for working with GCs on new construction

Lead generation is the lifeline of our business. But it’s not what it used to be.

A contentious election year produces an unexpected result. Here’s what some contractors would like to see happen next.

Until recently, employees who left a company were considered disloyal and were often prohibited from being rehired. But today re-hires happen often enough to have a name—Boomerang employees.

The way you make your clients feel can't be copied—and that's the hook

Photo: courtesy Tundraland

The star-based incentive program used by Tundraland for its craftsmen engages employees and customers

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