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A compilation of business news, trends, and surveys on customer satisfaction, financials, human resources, marketing, and sales.

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The Accountability Chart: Better Than an Org Chart

An accountability chart is useful, efficient, and frees up a company leader by providing greater autonomy

Thought Leadership

On the Horizon?

A significant percentage of single-family homes sold today are purchased by investment firms­ as rental properties. What does this mean for remodelers in the future?

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Plan to have housing industry pay for payroll tax cut passes Senate

Two-month extension would be funded by tacking extra fees onto Fannie and Freddie mortgages

Remodeler of the Year: Anthony Home Improvements

Adaptability and a willingness to find a market make Anthony Home Improvements Remodeler of the Year

Mortgage rates at lowest in 50 years

Mortgage rates reached record lows last week, following the Federal Reserve’s recent policy statement and continued concerns over the European debt market. Rates on the 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage were at their lowest in 50 years, averaging 4.15 percent.

Editorial: Innovate Now

Smart companies are grabbing market share now and will reap the benefits when the recovery comes

NARI to Certify Remodeling Project Managers

Trade association first to offer certification for project managers

Lead paint: EPA won't require post-project clearance testing

Citing concerns over cost, EPA won't require third-party clearance testing for pre-1978 remodels

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