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A compilation of business news, trends, and surveys on customer satisfaction, financials, human resources, marketing, and sales.

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A Letter to Your Clients: 10 Ways to be a World-Class Client

Mark Richardson flips the script, offering insights into what makes a good client and ways remodelers can help

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What to Do if You're Sued

If you're threatened with a lawsuit, what you do—and don't do—matters

SawStop Antitrust Lawsuit Gets Supreme Court Boost

The maker of flesh-sensing blade brake technology on saws will continue its lawsuit accusing other saw makers of conspiring to boycott its innovation

Flying High: Drones on the Jobsite

A drone improves efficiency and accuracy both on site and in the office.

Remodel Yourself: Three Levels of Renovation

Apply your approach to remodeling projects to yourself and your business

iClever's Bluetooth Keyboard to Go

This compact, portable keyboard from iClever may spell the end of thumbing your phone on the jobsite.

Warranty Woes for Homeowner-Supplied Products

Offering product advice to homeowners could create liability for the remodeler


How to Avoid Warranty Problems

Most states require a warranty. Here are some guidelines about what it ought to cover

How to Measure Business Maturity

Many businesses suffer growing pains because they grow by accident. But businesses are like children—they need nurturing and guidance to become healthy and successful

Will That Be Cash, Check, or Credit?

Many home improvement contractors don’t like dealing with credit cards. But the reality is: those contractors are bucking a major trend in the way people pay

Do You Want to Be a Contractor or a Construction Business Owner?

The business models for each have different requirements for systems and staffing, and will also affect your exit strategy options 

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