like button facebook update

Facebook rolls out two updates worth your attention 

Historic changes are about to affect the industry. Are you aware of them? 

These common technologies are simple yet effective for keeping projects on track

An entry in Custom Design & Construction, a remodeling company, ugly bathroom contest

Custom Design & Construction's ugly-bathroom contest was a great way to bring attention to the business. 

Holding a competition is a great marketing tool. But it can also be tough. Here’s what I learned from first-hand experience

Some success habits require skill and practice. Others, such as being on time, just need the right mindset.

Giving too much money for kitchen remodel to over-qualified lead

A disturbing trend among salespeople and owners of smaller remodeling companies is costing businesses a lot of potential revenue

The benefits of hiring someone with a criminal record can outweigh the risks 

Here’s what home improvement pros need to consider to avoid unintended consequences when adding a new product 

A rating from the Better Business Bureau is a source of pride for some companies, a bitter pill for others

customer satisfaction surveys are important for any professional remodeler to do

Customer-satisfaction surveys are an integral tool for many remodelers. Here's how to get the most from your survey efforts

Planning needs to be automatic in your decision-making processes

One veteran, one remodeler, one disaster 

is the better business bureau, a home for remodelers, failing or not

The Better Business Bureau is striving to stay relevant 

Next time you're reluctant to ask a prospect about budget, remember: It isn’t just about you

image of despairing man


Small-business burnout is common, and the contracting business is especially vulnerable

Small roof repairs can lead to bigger, more lucrative, jobs for roofing contractors

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For some roofing companies, 'customer for life' starts with a timely repair

A millennial representing cultural shift

A changing of America's cultural tide

Medical treatment and lost wages ... When someone working on a roof falls and is injured, there's a price to pay

How can smaller companies participate in the cultural shift that's going on?

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