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Contractors Release App Made for the “Remote Quote”

RENDR is a new app built by contractors, for contractors

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Pro's Picks: Slack

Replace thousands of sticky notes with a single tool 

Pro's Picks: Bluebeam Revu

A program designed to streamline workflows for businesses big and small

Innovative Products: Post-it Extreme Notes

Designed for the construction industry, 3M’s new post-its stick to lumber, brick, cement and steel

The New American Remodel: Product Showcase

Carefully chosen and finely detailed products define the 2018 New American Remodel

Pro's Picks: Boomerang

It's free, it's easy, and it can help keep you on schedule even when you're not on schedule. 

Air Quality Meter Market to Go Gangbusters

In this month’s Industry Insider, Panasonic’s Jim Shelton tackles indoor air quality, touting the importance of improving it as well as giving some…

Effects of Job Automation on Remodeling

Remodeling is at low risk for losing jobs to robots and AI over the next 10 years ... but it is at risk

Innovative Products: Cadsoft Envisioneer v13

New 3-D Design software that keeps you (even further) ahead of the curve

How to Use SketchUp Match Photo

Step-by-step instructions on how to display a SketchUp model on top of a photo of the existing space

Tooling Around—Why Early Adopters Have the Upper Hand

As technology innovations proliferate, those who use them first will win

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