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Remodelers are using YouTube to promote their success

August 06, 2012
Mosby Building Arts is an adept user of video in its social marketing efforts. T

Mosby Building Arts is an adept user of video in its social marketing efforts. The company has focused on shooting videos with s

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s a video worth? YouTube lets small businesses get the word out about their products and services without having to spend big money on a television or radio ad. Whether it’s client testimonials or how-to that presents a remodeler as a home improvement expert, YouTube videos can be a great way to grab attention.

It’s not difficult to do. A small flip cam, an iPad or even some high-end smartphones will give you good enough video to post online. Spending a little more on a dedicated video camera will provide even better results. And most computers now come with basic video editing software, such as Windows MovieMaker or iMovie. There are also a number of iPad apps that will help with the process if you want to use a tablet.

Parrish Construction in Boulder, Colo., has found great success through it’s “Larry on the Level” video series (at The series features company President Larry Parrish offering advice on common household problems like how to winterize a home. The most popular video has received more than 5,000 views.

Another successful tactic is using YouTube to highlight satisfied customers. This is what Mosby Building Arts in St. Louis ( has done with its videos. The company shoots short videos with clients at the end of the project, as well as footage of the finished work to offer visual third-party endorsements.

Some other tips on how to best use YouTube:

• Create a branded channel for your business as Mosby and Parrish have done. It’s free and allows you to send prospects to one place to view all your videos.

• Keep videos short. Less than 3 minutes is optimal to get and hold attention.

• Use keywords. Just like your website, your videos need to be search engine optimized. (YouTube is actually the world’s No. 2 search site.) Make sure you tag your video with the right keywords so people can find it, such as the city you serve, the type of work you’re showing in the video, etc.

• Embed your videos on your website and share them through other social networks to give them the widest reach.

• Add captions/subtitles. People might be viewing your videos on a number of different devices, with variable sound quality. This helps to make sure they understand your message. PR

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