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Best of both worlds: brilliant trim solutions designed to last with minimal maintenance.

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Best of both worlds: brilliant trim solutions designed to last with minimal maintenance.

Boral Building Products is one of the industry’s leading exterior product manufacturers, offering trim, siding, accessories and more under 13 brand names. Among those brands is Kleer Lumber, an extensive line of cellular PVC trim and moldings that combine the look of wood with low maintenance and durability.

By Kleer Lumber August 25, 2021

We sat down with Ben Drury, Brand Manager for Boral Building Products, to talk about how Kleer Lumber benefits pros and homeowners alike.

What makes cellular PVC trim a suitable option for home exteriors?

Kleer cellular PVC trim products are a beautiful, sustainable alternative to wood trim products. Engineered for corners, fascia, soffits, rakes, casings, cornices and other applications, they offer the same look and workability of wood but without the durability issues or high maintenance. They’re resistant to extreme weather, including freeze/thaws and humidity, and do not split, warp, crack, or check. Kleer Lumber comes in a variety of attractive profiles to add sophistication and detail that transforms homes into impressive examples of true craftsmanship.

How are these attributes helpful for remodelers? 

With a consistent finish that won’t break down, warp, or splinter over time, Kleer Lumber helps eliminate callbacks. Every piece is straight and free of defects, so you don’t have to spend time culling for pieces without knots or bends, or waste part of a board. 

Plus, remodelers can count on Kleer to be pristine—our KleerPak small-quantity bundling protects the product from damage and dirt during shipping and storage, which reduces time spent cleaning the product before installation or painting. 

What do these attributes mean for homeowners? 

Kleer Trim offers the look of wood but without the performance issues and upkeep. Water doesn’t hurt it, and bugs don’t eat it. It’s a better trim material than wood when it comes to long-term maintenance and repair, and it’s backed by a 25-year limited lifetime warranty. That warranty also has a one-time transfer on it too. 

In addition, TruEDGE technology protects against dirt intrusion with a finished edge on all sides, and UV inhibitors provide long-lasting protection. Check out our dirt intrusion test here.

How does Kleer Lumber help pros and homeowners meet design goals?

Kleer Trimboards and sheets allow for tremendous customization, with a workability similar to wood, and can be milled without worry. It hangs just like wood with nails and adhesive. You also can make radius bends for applications like arched windows. 

Or, you can choose from authentically detailed trim profiles across casing, crown, and door and window mouldings. The line also includes Beaded Boards in several options and styles, as well as KleerWrap post wraps that easily encase wood porch posts. 

Though it comes in a brilliant white, natural finish, Kleer Lumber is paintable with 100% acrylic latex paint so you can make it any color you want with a Light Reflective Value (LRV) above 55%. 

Where can pros and homeowners experience Kleer Lumber?

There is some great design inspiration within the Kleer Idea Gallery and pros can learn even more at www.kleerlumber.com

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