The Benefits of Concealed Trapway Toilets

New toilets offer homeowners a sleek, stylish aesthetic along with easier cleaning.

sponsored | September 12, 2018
Gerber Avalanche toilet

Homeowners looking for the right toilet to complete their updated bathroom spaces are increasingly turning to concealed trapway toilets, and it’s easy to see why.

Toilets with a concealed trapway have an integrated, skirted base, which provides a sleeker, cleaner aesthetic.

Kevin McJoynt, vice president of marketing for Gerber and Danze by Gerber, says the biggest benefits to this style of toilet are the clean lines of the design and the ease of cleaning thanks to less curves to work around.

McJoynt says that the rise in popularity of concealed trapway toilets is on trend with the evolving design of toilets in recent years. People want their toilets to bring style to their bathrooms, just as a vanity, faucet or other décor items do. And, with the choices available in today’s market, homeowners can get that beautiful toilet, without sacrificing performance.

“People have come to realize that toilets can have design elements and look stylish within a bathroom environment,” McJoynt says. “Concealed trapway toilets elevate the look of the entire room.”

Concealed trapway toilets are a good fit for homes that are increasingly adopting simple lines and seamless design elements across each part of the home. McJoynt says just like faucets and cabinetry, toilet design is becoming sleeker, simpler and more contemporary.

Gerber offers several options when it comes to concealed trapway toilets. One is the Avalanche two-piece toilet, which has a fully glazed trapway, 3-inch flush valve and is WaterSense certified. For an even more streamlined look, the Avalanche also comes in a one-piece configuration.

Since concealed trapway toilets take more engineering work and detail on the production end, they can cost homeowners a bit more than a standard toilet. But for those looking for modern style and easy cleaning, they’re more than worth the investment.  

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My next door friend just installed new type of toilets, when he went to install the seat, there was no way to get at the seat bolts, he had to remove the toilet all over again, than install the seat, and then reinstall the bowl. Not a very good design guys.

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