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Behind-the-Wall Materials

December 31, 2005
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Smart Vent



Smart Vent automatic foundation flood vents protect homes from the destruction that a hurricane, flood or other natural disaster can cause. Designed to provide ventilation as well as flood protection, they are certified to meet FEMA and NFIP requirements for all homes or buildings located in a floodplain. All Smart Vent products are certified engineered openings, providing an automatic entry and exit of floodwaters that exert hydrostatic pressure on foundations during flooding. The vents have two patented floats that automatically release with rising water. Once released, the floats open the bi-directional flood door, rotating it out of the path of the floodwaters. The vent then provides a completely unobstructed opening for flood water to enter and exit.


Charlotte Pipe and Foundry

The Quiet House System for residential drain, waste and vent systems from Charlotte Pipe and Foundry includes cast iron waste piping and plastic vent lines for a complete, high-performance system. The cast iron pipe uses shielded hubless couplings that are easy to install and easy to alter for future modification. The system fits in stud walls with no need to bypass living areas to reduce noise. Nailing plates are not required and furring strips are unnecessary.


Cosella Dörken


Delta-MS foundation wrap uses air-gap technology to protect basements against moisture. The heavy-duty polyethylene membrane has dimples that function as air pockets to provide an air gap that allows concrete walls to breath and dry. To install, the wrap is rolled around the foundation, overlapped and sealed at the joints. Delta-MS functions even when cut or torn. The dimples allow any water that may enter to flow freely to the drain. Available in a variety of widths on a 65.6' roll.

888/4 DELTA 4

Simpson Strong-Tie

The Steel Strong-Wall is Simpson's latest addition to its Strong-Wall line. An engineered composite of steel and wood, it features loads between two and three times higher than the original Strong-Wall. The design resists distortion of the center section and results in sustained vertical load capacity. Includes pre-attached wood stud, two easily accessible anchor bolts, fewer top-of-wall screws and numerous pre-drilled holes.




The Grace Roof Detail Membrane is designed for waterproofing critical roof detail areas and preventing water damage. This flexible membrane conforms tightly to roof details, reducing the risk of water infiltration. Based on the Grace Ice & Water Shield technology, the membrane is applied to the roof deck prior to application of the finished roof covering, forming a weather-tight barrier against leaks caused by water backup.




The FlowGuard Gold plumbing system is constructed of durable post-chlorinated polyvinyl chloride that maintains water quality because there is no leaching of metal. It does not require a torch to install. Pipes and joints are solvent welded and corrosion resistant. The CPVC provides insulation to reduce condensation and quieter operation. Available for connection to older metallic systems.




Quickflash plumbing and electrical panels are manufactured of polyethylene plastic and thermo plastic rubber. The boxes eliminate the need for caulking and/or sheet metal flashing around electrical boxes and PVC, copper or brass pipes. Designed for multiple finishes such as stucco, wood siding, brick and vinyl, they provide a moisture barrier that can reduce toxic mold and dry rot. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations.





GreenGuard RainDrop is a woven housewrap with drainage channels that divert the water straight down to the base of the exterior wall. Includes vertical cords every few centimeters along the face, allowing moisture vapor to escape the wall cavity. May be used with most common exterior finishes. The drainage channels will not crush even when hard-backed siding is fastened over the housewrap.

Sizes: 9' × 100' and 9' × 150' rolls










Tarco's LeakBarrier Fast90 is a high-strength underlayment ideal for all roof tile and slate roof applications. Features a peel-and-stick, self-adhering bottom side with a 4-inch peel-and-stick selvage area. The granulated asphalt-coated topside can withstand the weight and local stresses of the tiles and has no exposure limitations. No special tools are needed and no fumes or odors are released during installation.

Available colors: White and cedar blend





Styrofoam Duramate Plus is Dow's strongest extruded polystyrene sheathing. Lightweight and easy-to-use, it has an extra-tough plastic film on both sides for added strength and staple-holding power. Offers superior insulating power with an R-value of 3.0 per ½-inch and reduces thermal bridging and air infiltration. Recommended for wall sheathing over studs or over non-insulating sheathings.

Board sizes: 4' × 8' and 4' × 9'


Johns Manville



MR-Faced is a formaldehyde-free, lightweight thermal and acoustical fiberglass insulation that resists mold and mildew. The facing — treated with an EPA-registered preservative — serves as a vapor retarder and protects against potential fungi growth. Pre-cut batts are available in a variety of R-values, widths and lengths. Cuts easily with a utility knife and is flexible enough to form around corners and curved surfaces. Stapling tabs are provided for attachment to wood framing.




The Pro-Series QUAD Advanced Formula Sealant now features a multi-polymer, low-VOC formula that meets new state and federal VOC regulations. Provides excellent stretch and movement capability, plus all-weather adhesion and easy extrusion — even through water and in temperatures below 20 degrees. When cured, QUAD is mildew-resistant and will not crack or yellow. Available in a variety of colors.


Huber Engineered Woods



ZIP System roof sheathing has a 30-year limited warranty against delamination. The Zip System features a ½-inch roof sheathing panel with built-in Precipitek moisture barrier plus ZIP System tape to seal the seams. Instant rough dry-in allows subs to rough in electrical and plumbing sooner, while the system also eliminates the need for felt and H-clips.





EmeraldCoat is a ready-mixed, flexible waterproofing material formulated for use under Portland cement stucco and other claddings. Vapor permeable, so moisture does not get trapped in the wall cavity. Spray or roller applied, it does not tear or lose its effectiveness with exposure during construction.





MemBrain vapor retarder sheeting allows excess moisture to escape from wall cavities. Made from a polyamide film that changes permeability from less than 1 perm at low humidity to greater than 20 perms at high humidity. Intended for use with unfaced, vapor permeable mass insulation in walls and ceilings.


Trus Joist



T-J insulated headers are manufactured using two plies of 1.5E TimberStrand LSL with an expanded-polystyrene rigid foam core. Contains no ozone-depleting CFCs. Can be used as a wall stud in an exterior corner or against a 2×4 interior wall to help resist heat loss or gain. The headers allow for one-piece installation and provide an insulation value of R15.

Width: 5½"

Depths: 5½", 7¼", 9¼", 9½", 11¼", 11 7/8" and 14"






Loctite Exterior Power Grab features an initial tack that is nine times stronger than traditional exterior construction adhesives. Requiring no flashing-off and only minimal bracing, it can be applied to concrete, brick veneer, treated lumber, plywood and drywall. Its weather-resistant formula makes it ideal for outdoor applications. Can also be used for interior applications.












PermaLynx is a permanent push-joint system for joining copper tube by hand without a torch or expensive tools. The system offers a complete line of fittings and valves for joining ½" to 2" K, L and M copper tube and installs faster than sweat solder systems. Standard fittings are converted into the Permalynx push-joint shape by inserting a leak-proof seal. A 3-stage stainless steel mechanical gripping system is inserted on top of the seal to prevent tube pullout.



Hacker Industries

Gyp-Span Radiant is a concrete floor underlayment designed for use over radiant heating systems. The mixture adheres to hot water tubes and electric cables without air bubbles, dries without shrinkage or cracks and creates a thermal mass that provides uniform heat transfer. Creates a smooth, flat surface for installation of finished flooring.





Machine stress-rated (MSR) lumber is intended for use in trusses, wall components and laminated beam manufacturing, where design specifications require tested mechanical properties. Available in 2×4 through 2×10 dimensions, with lengths ranging from 8 to 20 feet. MSR lumber will initially be offered with a tested value of 2400f-2.0E. Temple-Inland uses the physical bending stress process to optimize product consistency.





Fi-Foil's Silver Shield radiant barrier program can increase profits by providing a cost-effective upgrade of standard insulation packages to save energy and boost comfort. Silver Shield will reduce attic temperatures up to 30 degrees, lower temperatures in garages and porches, and improve duct and insulation performance.







Vanguard Piping Systems



Vanguard's crosslinked polyethylene product, Vanex Ultra PEX, offers flexibility, chlorine resistance and ultraviolet protection. Combines long-term performance with energy and water efficiency.






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