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Some tactics for boosting SEO have nothing to do with keywords, content, or tags

February 02, 2016
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"Believe it or not, Google doesn’t know everything," says Alex Boyer, a Community Manager and "Content Ninja" for Duct Tape Marketing. "It is, however, really efficient at collecting information from around the Internet."

Boyer recommends four tactics that will boost your Google rankings  without changing a single keyword on your website. Among the most appropriate for remodelers is online reputation management, especially on Google+, where more than 6 reviews on y our business page will earn you a star rating that displays in search results.

Industry-specific review sites are important, too. "To take advantage of this, you should keep a review profile on every available site that applies to your industry," Boyer says.

For more recommendations, including backlinks and social media profiles, go to Duct Tape Marketing.

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