From left to right: Top Row: Todd Jackson, Doug Lueck, John Keenan, Leslie Molloy, Rick Matus, Bill Millholland (2017 winner), Beth Yuen (2017), Tanya Donahue (2017); Bottom row: Chris Lavoie (2017 winner), Vince Nardo, Melissa Kennedy, Mark Fies (2017), Mina Fies, Rich Oris, Cindy Cipriani, Joseph Robbins, Mark Richardson

Ten industry pros you should be taking notes from 

carnemark bathroom design award

2017 Design Award Winner: Bathroom over $60,000

“Careful thought and attention is obvious in every detail.” 

2017 Design Award Winner: Historical Renovation

"Stunning design." 

2017 Design Award Winner: Whole-House over $750,000

Design awards 2017

The past year's best ideas in design, skillfully crafted

Congratulations to the 2017 Design Award silver and bronze winners for their outstanding design work

"The dimensions are fantastic." 

2017 Design Award Winner: Universal/Better Living Design

“The overall visual of the outdoor remodel is outstanding.”

2017 Design Award Winner: Outdoor Living over $100,000

"Well done. Absolutely stunning." 

2017 Design Award Winner: Bathroom $30,000 to $60,000

“Great open room concept … and great coffered ceiling”

2017 Design Award Winner: Kitchen over $100,000

"The work of someone at the top of their craft." 

2017 Design Awards Winner: Residential Specialty Design

"Fine craftsmanship––the addition looks as though it's always been part of the home." 

2017 Design Award Winner: Whole-House over $750,000

"Open and elegant. A stunning makeover." 

2017 Design Award Winner: Whole-House over $750,000

"The Restoration of the first-floor corridor alone deserves a prize." 

2017 Design Award Winner: Commercial Remodel

“The stone accents perfectly complement the corrugated metal with wood.”

2017 Design Award Winner: Residential Interior over $100,000


"Simple elegance seems to be timeless in this house." 

2017 Design Award Winner: Historical Renovation

Placing a high priority on operational efficiencies and staying focused on core strengths has created a strong, successful company

A codified plan for networking with past clients, real estate agents, and designers keeps the pipeline open for new business

Seeking out the right people and getting sage advice from seasoned pros ensures the success of a new division

Enlisting a passion for design to excite and inspire clients

Big-picture thinking and an eye for process improvement keep the company moving forward

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