Best Body of Work Winner

andrew lethin is the co-owner of C&R Remodeling

"We’re seeing a change in the demographics of wealth."

"I’m going to jobsites and working alongside them, trying to make their lives a little easier."

"We highly encourage two-way communication, and look for ways we can all improve."

"In the last six months, I’ve noticed that more and more people are moving away from vinyl windows..." 

Social media has a lot of uses—some you expect, like marketing, and some not so much, like hiring

"This year, we’re dialing in our design process to keep the pipeline filled."

Using tech to streamline systems and processes

Succeeding in a new city

Introducing the creator of Block and Caulk

"People don’t want to work 9-to-5 jobs in an office anymore." 

Working to uphold the sanctity and necessity of education in design

"While compensation is important, it is not the only form of payment..." 

"Not making a decision is worse than making the wrong decision..." 

"Our biggest challenge is controllable growth..."

Tom Ashley Jr. (middle) receives the Remodeler of the Year award from Dan Bawden and Joanne Theunissen, immediate past and present chairs of NAHB Remodelers.

And the winner is...

zak fleming and marc black remodeling

A tale of two young entrepreneurs 

"Great use of space in all areas: Textures, focal points, lighting...the list goes on."

2017 Design Award Winner: Residential Interior over $100,000

carnemark bathroom design award

2017 Design Award Winner: Bathroom over $60,000

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