From left to right: Top Row: Todd Jackson, Doug Lueck, John Keenan, Leslie Molloy, Rick Matus, Bill Millholland (2017 winner), Beth Yuen (2017), Tanya Donahue (2017); Bottom row: Chris Lavoie (2017 winner), Vince Nardo, Melissa Kennedy, Mark Fies (2017), Mina Fies, Rich Oris, Cindy Cipriani, Joseph Robbins, Mark Richardson

Ten industry pros you should be taking notes from 

professional remodelers forty under 40

Meet the generation taking on the labor shortage (for starters) 

kristin whalen is a kitchen and bath designer with boilard lumber

"I give longer lead times to leave myself a buffer."

"The best advice I ever received came from my grandmother."

Elle H-millard is the industry relations manager for the national kitchen and bath association NKBA

"I think that there is massive power behind influencer marketing."

"I hope we will be in a number of new markets by the time I turn 40." 

"College is pushed so hard, kids don’t even realize the trades are an option."

"We’ve built a system of checks and balances so that we can deliver consistent quality..."

"Even the best people’s productivity can fall if the person standing beside them isn’t half as productive as they are."

"(My father) advised me to treat every project as if it were my own."

When you have standards, write them down

"I see the industry becoming more concerned with silica dust..."

The old way of recruiting labor is dead

"There is a great pressure on high school graduates that says the only way to be successful is to attend college..."

seth nardo is the general manager of reborn cabinets

"We look for employees that want to learn..."

paul lukowski is the general manager of tundraland

"Those who are willing to adapt will flourish."

chris gayler is the general manager of gayler design build

Explaining the remodeling process in steps helps ease client's minds

kylie brewer is the vice president of scovell remodeling

"We’ve found that you can train skills, but it’s nearly impossible to train a good work ethic and attitude."

"The aging-in-place market is growing exponentially."

"We’re doing background checks checks going back 15-20 years."

The work is there, but the manpower is it. That means taking matters into your own hands. 


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