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Senior Contributing Editor

Philadelphia-based writer Jim Cory is a senior contributing editor to Professional Remodeler who specializes in covering the remodeling and home improvement industry. Reach him at coryjim@earthlink.net.

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October 23, 2015

When it comes to sales success, company owners and salespeople often define it in different ways, making "close rate" a slippery metric

October 22, 2015

In launching your own business, long-term success relies more on the planning than the timing

October 12, 2015

These digital tools can help make the sale and get the project started sooner

October 08, 2015

Affordability, durability, and low maintenance see vinyl continuing to be the siding material the market favors

September 25, 2015

Is the fact that homeowners tend to trust female salespeople more than male reps opening the door for more women in roofing, siding, and window sales?

September 23, 2015

What happens if there’s a fatal accident on one of your jobsites?

July 10, 2015

Most company owners—at some point in their business—are either threatened with a lawsuit or consider filing a suit themselves

July 09, 2015

Millennial homeowners are relatively few and far between for the moment. But they want to be sold on their terms

June 25, 2015

The best way to manage unpaid invoices is not to incur them to begin with. But that's far easier said than done.

June 25, 2015

Companies that have rolled the dice on installers seeking sales positions find it can pay-off big time, if managers know what to do


June 12, 2015

Some roofing companies call attention on their websites to what can go wrong in a re-roofing job. The clear implication is that they don’t intend to make those mistakes.

June 12, 2015

Some roofing companies are reconsidering the terms of their workmanship warranty

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