Are Workplace Wellness Programs Worth the Investment?

The payoff comes in employee stress reduction and higher rates of retention

May 22, 2015
Employee wellness programs can lead to greater rates of staff retention.

From nutrition to exercise to smoking cessation, a “holistic” approach to employment can pay off in stress reduction, healthier employees, and higher rates of retention.

Citing Tom Gubanc, senior director at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Enterprise, writer Gwen Moran notes that the broader the program, the better it works:

"A lot of times, you’ll ask the executives, 'What’s the largest [employee wellness] priority?' and they’ll say, 'Boy, obesity is our biggest problem.' But if you survey the employees, almost 100 percent of the time, they’ll say, 'We’re too stressed,' " Gubanc says. Taking a wide view in programming can help tackle multiple concerns. 

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