Annual Listing of America's Top Remodelers 2012

Bullish outlook: Biggest remodelers see more growth in 2013

November 17, 2012

Each year, Professional Remodeler magazine compiles lists of remodeling leaders in each of the top 20 remodeling markets in the U.S.: The Market Leaders. We do this because remodeling is inherently a local business and it is useful to know which firms complete the most jobs and earn the most revenue by market. This compilation appears annually in our May issue.

But many of America’s Top Remodelers do not operate in one of top 20 markets for remodeling. For example, siding leader K-Designers is located near Sacramento in Gold River, Calif. Because Sacramento is not one of the top 20 remodeling markets in the U.S., K-Designers and their impact on siding installation in the Western U.S., is left out of our Market Leaders analysis. To gain a more national perspective, we created our annual list of America’s Top Remodelers.

This year, the second version of this report, shows the benefit of a national perspective. Among the 150 top home improvement firms, many of the top 50 (32 percent) come from the exterior-replacement segment of the industry. This stands to reason. During the recent economic downturn, needs-based maintenance and repair of homes drove much of the home improvement spending nationally. Discretionary improvements drove fewer jobs and therefore full-service and design/build firms grew more slowly. From this list, we can see that design-build, full-service, kitchen and bath, as well as insurance restoration firms also comprise the top 50.

It is important to note that we chose not to list many of the parent companies of national franchises or dealer networks. Window World, Inc. of North Wilksboro, N.C. and Disaster Kleenup of Wood Dale, lll., would be very near the top of the list if revenues for their partner or franchise companies were rolled up into a single entity. But in so doing, we would be double counting the revenue of Window World of Baton Rouge, which is one of America’s Top Remodelers on its own.

As you peruse this list of top remodeling firms pay special attention to each company’s estimate for revenue for the calendar year that will end next month. Nearly every estimate is for higher results. As a group, America’s Top Remodelers are bullish for this year and next. 

America’s Top Remodelers 2012, the Top 10

  1. Champion Window Mfg. & Supply Co.     $261,000,000
  2. U.S. Home Systems                                    $164,900,000           
  3. Power Home Remodeling Group               $120,000,000
  4. American Technologies Inc.                       $111,000,000
  5. Bath Fitter                                                   $63,700,000
  6. Castle Windows                                          $55,758,573
  7. Thompson Creek Window Co.                   $54,531,147
  8. 1-800-HANSONS                                       $45,915,871
  9. Service Master Catastrophe                        $41,936,259
  10. Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing                        $40,344,581

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