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Andre Kazimierski, 32

April 09, 2020

Co-Owner / Founder & CEO

3rd Gen Painting and RemodelingImproovy / Western Springs, Ill.

2019 Revenue: $1.4 Million

  Tech innovation from within:   As crazy as it may sound, I believe we are at the precipice of a home improvement tech revolution. New tech companies in the space like Block Renovation and Made Renovation are neat pitch-deck fodder, but in my eyes they are missing the mark. I believe real change in home improvement will be spurred by innovators within the industry—innovators that understand the subtle nuances needed to really scale in the space. Not to mention, remodelers and home improvement pros are loyal and tend to promote from within.

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Nice Work Andre! Excited for things to come as you and the new generation of painting and remodeling company owners use technology to innovate further. Congrats again!

Impressive job Andre! You're already a successful entrepreneur at your young age. Salute you for your hardwork and achievements.

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