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7 tweets that work ... and why

August 06, 2012

With hundreds of millions of Twitter tweets going out everyday, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle.

And barely a third of tweets are worth reading, Twitter users told researchers at Carnegie Mellon, Georgia Tech and MIT in a recent research project. Tweets that were about personal details, included Foursquare “check-ins” or featured complaints were especially likely to be disliked.

So here are seven examples of tweets from remodeling companies that hit the key characteristics of successful, readable tweets as identified by the research and leading consultants.

Remodeling News:

When Is The Best Time To Remodel In Atlanta? by @AKRenovations

> Is helpful and informative, focusing on a topic potential clients will be interested in

Blog Post:

We were proud to help with “Operation Bring Andrew Home” #LongIsland by @alure_home

> Delivers positive message while also driving traffic back to the Alure website

What these #kitchen #islands lack in size, they make up for in hardworking function ...  by @Design Build Pros

> Uses hashtags (#) for frequently searched topics

@jandjbuilders Thanks for the comment. It’s always nice when we’re noticed by others by @GehmanRemodel

> Responds to a tweet about the company, making it more likely the other user will mention Gehman again

If money was not a concern, what improvements would you make to your home and why? by @IronwoodCustomB

> Asks a question to engage followers and encourage conversation

Soon we’re sharing inspiration and tips on how 2 improve your #curbappeal! Click 2 see some exterior reno projects: by @michaelmenn

> Uses hashtag, promises photos and uses URL shortener to make message easier to re-tweet

A slide in a 2-story home is not strictly for the children, right? ... by @MosbyBldgArts

> Drives traffic to Pinterest page, but also shows a personality. not just a “corporate”account. PR

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