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Allie Mann, 38

April 10, 2020

Senior Interior Design Specialist

Case Design/Remodeling / Bethesda, Md.

  Giving back:   I graduated with seven people in my interior design major. This was before HGTV really became what it is today. I only had three professors, but they would lecture from the book and not offer personal insights. When I found an opportunity to connect with Northern Virginia Community College, I realized I had the chance to give back and be different than the professors I had. The students appreciate that I share my real experiences and don’t just teach from a book.

  Design trend:   Color is having a moment. We’re seeing a lot of clients and designers being more bold with selections. I’m still seeing the classic blue­­­—in the last six months I’ve done three or four all-blue kitchens, but I’m also seeing green come on the scene, although it’s not as strong as blue. Blue is the new neutral. 

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