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Advice for Handling Difficult Client Situations

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Advice for Handling Difficult Client Situations

Cindy Cipriani of Cipriani Remodeling Solutions, a remodeler and personal wellness coach, shares her expert advice on handling difficult clients.

By Caroline Broderick February 17, 2022
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Women at WIRC · Cindy Cipriani | Cipriani Remodeling Solutions


Cindy Cipriani loved working with her father on remodeling projects when she was young, and that upbringing spun into business ownerships within the industry, with the most recent being co-owner of South Jersey-based Ciprani Remodeling Solutions.

Cindy also happens to have a professional background in grief counseling and personal coaching, both of which come in handy as a designer and designer salesperson.

"I realized how much emotional health is important and I always had in the back of my mind that when I got to a point where I could, I wanted to help more people," says Cipriani. "So I actually trademarked a process that helped me put my life together called The 5C Solution."

She talks with Managing Editor Caroline Broderick a bit about her background, advice on handling hard client situations, ad how she approaches those relationships.

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