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Accessible Products Catalog

The NAHB Research Center is celebrating the release of the 10th edition of its Directory of Accessible Building Products

May 31, 2000
This article first appeared in the PR June 2000 issue of Pro Remodeler.

Most Americans today dream of staying in their homes as they age. That phenomenon, confirmed in a survey by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), has created an ever-growing, unmet demand for products and services aimed at helping older Americans to realize their dream and to age in place. Add to the demands of an aging population the demands of the millions of Americans with physical limitations, and the critical nature of the need for accessible products and services becomes more clear.

The NAHB Research Center, anticipating that need a decade ago, is celebrating the release of the 10th edition of its Directory of Accessible Building Products. "While we’re pleased that a decade ago we identified the need for a directory to help builders and consumers meet the needs of aging and physically limited populations, we have continued to fine-tune, expand and constantly update the information in the directory," said Research Center president Liza Bowles. "The 2000 Directory is ‘the’ standard guide to products that make housing more functional and livable for the greatest number of homeowners and residents."

This year’s Directory of Accessible Building Products is a one-stop resource for anyone trying to fill a need for enhanced accessibility in a residence. The directory is packed full of useful information about the manufacturers of accessible products, accessibility resources and federal accessibility requirements, as well as advice for dealing with customers with physical limitations. The directory contains a wealth of specific product information, with a focus on the kitchen, laundry and bathrooms, to include appliances, fixtures, windows and doors. Information includes specific measurements, model numbers, pictures, product descriptions, and contact information. There is also information about climate control, gas shut-off valves, ramps and stair lifts.

"It’s important to provide users with a wide variety of options, as this directory does, because today’s older adults are not a homogenous group," said Bowles. "There are great variations in income levels, social habits and lifestyle characteristics, and sometimes health-related challenges necessitate immediate home modification or renovation." One of the goals of this directory is to provide information about as many options as possible to fill the different needs that exist. It is available for $5, plus $5 for postage and handling. To order, contact the NAHB Research Center by phone at (800) 638-8556, or shop on-line at www.nahbrc.org.

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