8 Secrets of Success in 3 Minutes

Seven years and 500 interviews in three minutes

March 04, 2015
8 Secrets of Success in 3 Minutes

Marketer and success analyst Richard St. John delivers a slimmed-down, three minute Ted Talk about the eight secrets to success.

“This is really a two-hour presentation I give to high school students, cut down to three minutes,” St. John said about his speech. The inspiration cameduring a plane ride on the way to a TED event, when a teenager who sat next to him asked the simple question “What leads to success?”

“I felt really badly, because I couldn't give her a good answer,” St. John added. “So I get off the plane, and I come to TED. And I think, jeez, I'm in the middle of a room of successful people! So why don't I ask them what helped them succeed, and pass it on to kids?”

Watch the video at Ted.com.

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