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7 Tips to Generate Leads on Instagram

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Home Improvement

7 Tips to Generate Leads on Instagram

How home improvement contractors and remodelers can reach larger audiences and gain more business through the popular social media platform

By Drew Barto May 2, 2023
Tips for generating leads on Instagram for contractors
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Like it or not, social media presence is a factor that potential customers consider before deciding who to call for quotes on their home improvement projects.

I conducted one-on-one social media reviews for some of the largest remodelers in the country at The Pinnacle Experience 2022, an industry-leading event from Pro Remodeler. Here are the most common recommendations I shared with those professionals to help them improve their Instagram pages and generate more leads, based on best practices I learned as the director of marketing for a window and door company in Pittsburgh for 13 years.


1. Shoot More Videos

While I notice a lot of beautiful photos on remodeler’s Instagram feeds, more video content is necessary to reach the next level. You can do this by uploading pre-recorded videos or by shooting “reels” inside of the app. Include music or voiceovers to increase the pace and maintain viewers’ interest. Download the Teleprompter for Video app to enhance your delivery and impress your audience with your professionalism.


2. Before + After = Conversion

If prospects see a before and after photo series, they’re more likely to convert to a lead. When I was responsible for tracking the analytics of a replacement window and door website, the page of our site that had the most conversions to requests for estimates was the before and after gallery page. Homeowners want to see the transformation you can help them achieve before they hire you.


Want a personalized one-on-one social media review with Drew Barto? Take advantage of early bird registration for The Pinnacle Experience 2023 and select one of his six Subject Matter Expert time slots before they're gone!


3. Use Photos of Real Customers on Instagram

Your finished product looks great, but scrolling prospects are more likely to stop on your post and read more about you if they see people or pets in a photo. Ask your customers to pose for a picture in front of the work you've completed. Don’t be afraid to ask. If they’re happy with the results, they're likely to agree to a photo.


4. Highlight the Face(s) of Your Company

People buy from people and they need to trust you before buying. Post more photos and educational videos of the owner or the salespeople who are in front of your customers the most. This will help you and your business become the trusted source in your area of remodeling expertise.


5. Tag the Location of Your Projects

Wherever a specific project was completed, tag its location in the post and include the town's name in your hashtags. You can even use the name of the neighborhood or housing plan in your hashtags. Neighbors will find you and they’re more likely to choose a contractor who has worked on a home just like theirs.


6. Use Popular Instagram Hashtags

I recommend using hashtags for the type of products installed, the brand names of the products, the location of the project, and popular industry hashtags to increase the potential exposure of your post for free. Research what other home improvement companies are doing and follow industry hashtags, such as #kitchensofinstagram or #doorsofinstagram.


7. Tell Stories

Stories sell. Social media posts are essentially selling appointments with your company. Stories about another customer’s journey and how you helped solve their problem can convince someone to click the “call now” button. Tell the audience why the customer called you and then describe how you made their remodeling dream come true.

written by

Drew Barto

Drew Barto is director of home improvement for Pro Remodeler. He most recently served as the Director of Marketing at Energy Swing Windows in Pittsburgh. Contact him at dbarto@sgcmail.com or 412-607-7820.

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