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7 Free Podcasts for Remodelers to Listen to Right Now

Podcasts turn downtime into an opportunity to elevate your remodeling business

August 10, 2020
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Listening to a podcast on the go

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Love a two-fer? Podcasts can turn commutes, trips to the hardware store, and lunch breaks into an opportunity to elevate your game. We rounded up seven that are worth a listen for remodelers and home improvement professionals. 

Unless you’re an avid reader, it can be hard to schedule in time to sit down with a good book or educational video. Building a podcast into your routine can give you the time to learn new tips, tricks, and business perspectives from other pros while keeping your hands and eyes free. 

Plug in your earphones or crank up your car’s radio to listen to these seven gems:

Remodeling Mastery with Mark Richardson


This podcast is full of sharp insights and straightforward guidance for remodeling entrepreneurs. Host Mark Richardson, an author and industry expert, is a fellow at Harvard University Joint Center for Housing Studies, lectures at MBA programs, and writes columns for Professional Builder and Professional Remodeler. 

Remodeling the Carolinas Podcast

NARI and WinRate Consulting

A collaboration between NARI Charlotte and host Mike Claudio of WinRate Consulting, this podcast delivers insights from industry experts on topics such as how to optimize business operations and how to hire contractors. The podcast is valuable for homeowners and home improvement professionals alike.

Women at WIRC

Pro Remodeler and Pro Builder

Women at WIRC is a podcast for and about women in the residential construction industry, from business owners to marketing professionals, to women in the trades. Get business, technique, and life advice from female pros. It’s like having your own personal mentor! If you can’t get enough of WIRC, pros can also attend the conference

7 Minutes of BS (#buildingscience w/a beat)


Love learning? This podcast is for pros on the go. It distills technical topics into insightful, dynamic discussions on building science in just seven minutes. Find out more about heat flow, wildfire-resistant construction, dew points, and more! 

UnBuild It Podcast

UnBuild It

Evolving building science and technology is turning construction into another ball game, but weeding through the hits and misses can be time consuming and costly. This podcast helps remodelers and builders find out what works and stay on top of the cutting edge. Topics include rain cladding, water leakage, thermal barriers, and more.


The Carey Bros

Co-hosts and brothers James and Morris Carey hit the ground running in this podcast, covering topics ranging from home design to crescent wrench apex tools. Their mission is “to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, best practices, tried-and-true tips, advances in building products and technology and other useful trade and management information designed to improve business stability, growth, and profitability.” 

The Light 

John Burns Real Estate Consulting

Want to keep a pulse on the housing industry during these unprecedented times? The experts at John Burns Real Estate Consulting use their experience and data to shed light on current trends, opportunities, and forecasts for recovery in this podcast for housing professionals.

Hungry for more? Check out our podcast page and other podcast recommendations.  


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