6 Types of Networkers

Understanding the types of people you meet at networking events will increase the odds of coming away with valuable business connections

December 28, 2015
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Most remodelers are comfortable striking up a conversation with a prospect who has contacted them, but many are shy in social situations, such as meeting new people at a conference or trade event.


Part of the problem, says Debra Auerbach in an article on Careeruilder.com, is that networking  at events exposes you to large number of people, only some of whom will become good busi8ness contacts. To avoid glad-handing you way into a lot of conversations that lead nowhere, Auerbach says it helps to understand the different kinds of people you are likely to encounter at a networking event, and how best to handle an encounter with them.


  • Wall Flowers. They stay away from the action and rarely make eye contact. It's hard to engage with them, so be friendly but don't expect much.
  • Dealmakers. They have an agenda and will likely make some sort of offer. Keep an open mind but don't commit to anything on the spot.
  • Hand-Shakers. Quantity, not quality, is the name of their game, so these folks try to meet everyone and pass out lots of business cards. Again, be friendly, but expect a superficial interaction.
  • "Social lites." These folks introduce themselves to as many people as they can, but end up spending most of their time with people they already know. The can be fun, but you won't get much from them to help with business.
  • Power Networkers. These are people worth spending some time with. They are actively seeking to make a handful of strong connections that they can turn to in the future.
  • Connectors. These are people who seem to know everybody and genuinely enjoy helping others. They are usually industry veterans who are happy to make valuable introductions.


For a deeper look at how to identify and interact with these 6 types of people, read more at CareerBuilder.com

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