5 Tools to Measure Online Impact

A website alone is no longer enough to push your site toward the top of search engine rankings—you need a big, positive social presence. 

December 15, 2015
Social Media word cloud

The only way to know how effective your online efforts are is to measure the results. Duct Tape Marketing guest blogger Holly Chavez recommends these five tools:

1 - Google Analytics, to keep track of overall traffic and to evaluate the interaction between your website and your social media channels.

2 - Searchmetrics Suite, to evaluate the effect of each of you social media channels.

3 - Klout, for up-to-the-minute measurement of the overall influence of your domain.

4 - Social Mention, to see how often your company is mentioned in social media such as referral sites.

5 - TwitterCounter, to track the effect of your Twitter account.

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