5 Tips for a Retirement House Build in the South

November 17, 2015

The Baby Boomer clients wanted a house that would be comfortable and efficient, durable and low maintenance, and that would help them stretch their fixed income as they transitioned from working to retirement. Green building blogger Matt Risinger walks us through the five critical steps that enabled his team, working in collaboration with the design team, to give the clients exactly what they wanted.

Step one was to keep moisture out of the building. That involved careful installation of housewrap, detailed flashing at windows, doors, and other penetrations, air sealing tape over sheathing seams, and deep roof overhangs.

Step two was to employ advanced framing techniques to provide better insulation and minimize thermal bridging. Step three was to insulate walls and roof with open-cell spray foam, making it possible to locate all HVAC equipment inside the conditioned space. Step four was a durable metal roof, and step five was careful analysis for mechanicals and installation of a two-zone HVAC system along with a dehumidifier and ERV.

Read more at Matt Risinger's blog.

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