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3 Keys to Successful Team Management

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3 Keys to Successful Team Management

On this episode of Women at WIRC, hear Laura Burnes delve into her approach to leadership and project management, in addition to sharing insights into Adams + Beasley Associates' winning culture. 

January 4, 2024
women in construction podcast
Laura Burnes


Mutual respect, humility, and effective communication are Laura Burnes three keys to successfully managing her design and production teams at Adams + Beasley Associates in Carlisle, Mass.

Adams + Beasley has won a Top Places to Work in Massachusetts designation for the past three years, and it doesn't come without merit. On this episode of Women at WIRC, hear Burnes delve into her approach to leadership and project management, in addition to sharing insights into the company's winning culture. 

"I am trying to foster a relationship with my employees that allows me to sing their praises when they're doing great, and then when they are struggling or had a moment that needs correction, they know that I'm coming from a place of caring about them as a person," says Burnes. "And are able to take in the feedback in a way that is productive instead of feeling defensive because an authoritative figure came and told them they did a bad job."


Read Laura Burnes' column on this topic: A Listening Ear: How We Do Effective Communication

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