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2021 Remodeling Trends and Managing Workflow With Designer Mary Miksch

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2021 Remodeling Trends and Managing Workflow With Designer Mary Miksch

Mary Miksch, team lead and design consultant at the Neil Kelly Remodeling firm, shares her tips for managing systems in the digital age and where she believes design is heading. 

By Annie Cebulski December 30, 2020
Mary Miksch designer at Neil Kelly predicts trends and gives tips

With the International Builder’s Show, IBSX, coming up virtually and our newest class of 40 Under 40 about to be announced, it’s been a hectic end to a hectic year. How do you get through it all? Incorporating system building doesn’t hurt. We’ll hear from Mark Miksch, a former 40 Under 40 winner and design consultant at the Neil Kelly Remodeling firm in the Northwest, on how to create systems in design, trending designs, and more.


Women at WIRC · Mary Miksch | Neil Kelly

Born to design, educated to remodel

Even as a child, Mary Miksch loved design so much that her parents had to limit her to rearranging the furniture only once every six months. But while some children grow away from their dreams, Mary made them a reality, moving from studying architecture at Notre Dame and in Rome to designing high-end real estate in Chicago before joining the Neil Kelly team.

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System building in the remodeling process

By adding this element of predictability, Miksch says it decreases the overwhelm that comes with the remodeling process. "It's about brinigng some predictability to a process that is really fluid," Miksch says. "So systems such as creating a calendar and looking at every single meeting between now and the final design, and biting off bite-sized chunks at each meeting." With less stress, a remodeler can help foster a more creative, fun experience.

Trends from 2020 for 2021

Warm, organic tones are trending, but Miksch says overall trends may become less important as clients increasing seek to include their personal favorite styles and colors. Spending so much time in the home has altered how clients interact with the space, and now Miksch says remodelers may see an increase in bold accent colors and more personalized design. Listen to the full episode to learn more.

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