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With 20 years of hard-core expertise, we'll arm you with the tools to dominate the game. Stand tall, build bolder, be unmatched. Grab the RBH advantage. Conquer your terrain now.

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With 20 years of hard-core expertise, we'll arm you with the tools to dominate the game. Stand tall, build bolder, be unmatched. Grab the RBH advantage. Conquer your terrain now.

October 17, 2023

Individuals and teams in the home building industry would consider hiring RBH Coaching for several compelling reasons:


**Expertise and Experience**: With Rachel Brown's two-decade-long legacy in land development and home building, RBH Coaching brings firsthand industry knowledge to the table, a crucial asset for those wanting to navigate the intricate landscape of the building sector.

**Tailored Solutions**: The home building industry has its unique set of challenges. RBH Coaching offers solutions that are not generic but specifically tailored to address the nuances of this industry.

**Skill Development**: Whether it's project management, negotiation tactics, or understanding the latest building technologies and regulations, RBH Coaching offers workshops and training sessions aimed at enhancing essential industry skills.

**Strategic Growth**: Rachel's vast experience allows her to guide businesses in strategic planning, ensuring sustainable growth in a competitive market.

**Network Access**: Being in the industry for over 20 years has provided Rachel with valuable connections. Engaging with RBH Coaching can open doors to a wider network of industry professionals, suppliers, and potential business partners.

**Team Cohesion and Productivity**: A harmonious team is vital for project success. RBH Coaching understands the dynamics of teams in the home building industry and offers strategies to enhance teamwork and productivity.

**Adaptation to Market Changes**: The real estate and building sectors are ever-evolving. Rachel's continuous involvement in the industry means she's always abreast of the latest trends and shifts, helping clients adapt and stay ahead.

**Accountability**: With regular review sessions, RBH Coaching ensures that businesses remain on track, goals are met, and strategies are fine-tuned as needed.

**Risk Management**: With large sums of money involved and the tangible nature of assets, the building industry requires a keen sense of risk assessment. RBH Coaching provides tools and strategies to manage and mitigate these risks effectively.

Hire RBH Coaching to leverage Rachel Brown's deep industry insights, gain strategic direction, enhance team productivity, and ensure a successful and profitable business trajectory.

To find out more, please call: 256-513-7475

Rachel Brown Homes

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ASCEND Composite Cladding by Alside Revolutionizes Home Exteriors.

ASCEND siding by Alside, a first-of-its-kind solution combining incredible beauty, long-lasting durability and easy installation. 

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Replaceable Deck Sill (RDS) makes an accident on the job site an easy fix. Drop a brick. Spill paint. RDS’s sill deck can be removed and replaced…

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Introducing the Sanipit® 24 GR retrofit pump kit

 The innovative Sanipit® 24GR retrofit kit surpasses 50 years of sewage ejector advancements, offering a reliable solution for faulty pumps.

The New NEC® is Here and States Are Advancing Code Adoption – Avoid Violations

The NEC was recently revised. Keep informed - Stay in compliance - Limit liability - Avoid failed inspections.  Leviton’s Captain Code program makes…

FusionFrame One door frame: Fast, easy, perfect installation.

Depth-adjustable brickmould ensures a perfect, weather-tight install even in out-of-plumb openings. A composite exterior laminated to an engineered…
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