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10 Tips for Getting More Leads From Home Shows

Why are some companies so much better than others at generating leads from events? The answer lies in training and managing staff.

April 05, 2017

Camille Davis, a trainer for BathWraps, conducts on-site coaching and training for dealers at home shows and events. Photo: courtesy BathWraps

For most home improvement companies, generating leads and sales at home shows and events is a key part of the marketing plan. Some companies are better at this than others. What sets them apart? It isn’t having the best product. It isn’t a beautiful display. It isn’t giving away swag. Everyone does those things. 

The most important ingredient in a successful home show is your staff. You need a quality product and a beautiful display, but ultimately your success or failure at a home show or event hinges on your people. Your event supervisor is the key to an effective team. To that end, he or she should:

1] Conduct “full-disclosure interviews” and review all of the requirements of the job.

2] Do script memorization training with the team before the first event.

3] Make sure trainees see the script and system being used at events by leaders and staff, and make sure they’re aware of how many qualified leads per hour they’re expected to generate.

4] Train and coach all new team members until they consistently reach their performance goals.

5] Ensure that there’s always an on-site leader at events who has the specific task of generating leads, coaching the team, leading with enthusiasm, and who consistently follows the company script and system. 

The leader and staff at the home show should, of course, have the goal of setting appointments for the sales team. But that’s secondary. Setting an appointment is a process, and it starts with one simple action by a show attendee: Stopping at your booth or display, at which point your staff can determine if the consumer can benefit from your product. That’s the primary goal. In the history of home shows and events, there’s never been an appointment set with a customer who didn’t “stop moving their feet” once they reached a company’s booth or display. Let’s review the critical steps required for event staff to get as many people as possible to “stop moving their feet”:

1] Engage every consumer who approaches your display.

2] Be friendly and charismatic.

3] Use the “10-foot rule”: Say “Hi there,” to each prospect 10 feet before they reach your booth, and then allow a short pause to give them time to respond.

4] Use a quick opening line that will be finished by the time the prospect is with the staff member engaging them. For example: “I have a gift, and a question ...” or “We’re having a free drawing to win a home makeover. Go ahead and enter, you could be the winner!”

5] Put a gift or an entry pad in the prospect’s hand, which will make them stop at your display. 

About the Author

Dave Azer is director of marketing at BathWraps by Liners Direct, a leading manufacturer of bathroom remodeling solution products.

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