10 Common Mistakes Small-Business Owners Make on Social Media

Social media is only powerful with an effective strategy behind it

January 28, 2016
social media effectiveness

Sean MacEntee

Small businesses are all over social media, but many of them never take the next step to find out whether or not their posts are actually yielding results.

While there’s no silver bullet that will show how well a campaign is working, it's still worthwhile to pay attention to available clues. For starters, you can track how often and favorably your company is mentioned, as well as looking the number of times your content is shared. Also, keep an eye on your engagement as seen in comments, messages, likes, and followers.

Failing to establish metrics is Mistake No. 9 in the list of 10 social media mistakes that small-businesses owners make, according to Forbes magazine. You can find the other mistakes here.

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