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Who is the Primary Decision-Maker in a Remodeling Couple?

Sixty-five percent of men say they are the primary decision-maker in a remodeling project. What do you think the number is for women?

December 01, 2021

HomeAdvisor recently surveyed 975 Americans who worked on a home improvement project with a partner and found 65% of women say they are the primary decision-maker and 63% of men say they are.

And when disagreements arise, about 30% of partners will make decisions without telling the other, and that’s only slightly more common for men than women (33% compared to 25%). But when it comes to compromising, leave it to the men: 71% say they are more likely to compromise compared to 51% of women.

Budget discussions spur the most difficulties, according to the survey, specifically agreeing to or staying within a budget. And when it comes to making decisions regarding design, smaller variables such as paint color will be harder than a decision to tear down a wall or not.

These insights can help remodelers prepare for what’s to come, and in turn, enhance your ability to mitigate conflict when working with a couple.

The survey found 46% of couples brought in a third party to mediate, so put your expertise between the two and embrace your ability to break any ties.

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For many years we have included a clause in our contract where the owners designate One Person to be the final decision-maker we can rely on for project decisions. This has saved us from spousal disagreements a number of times.

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