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Pro's Picks: Mid Continent Cabinetry

A trifecta of quality, customization, and price

October 24, 2018
kitchen remodel using mid continent cabinetry

Jeff Lewis

Owner, JKL Development 

Las Vegas, Nev.




When clients want high quality cabinetry at a reasonable price, we steer them to products from Mid Continent Cabinetry. I first found out about them about four years ago from my contractor, who offers the line in his showroom. Now, about 80% of my clients choose Mid Continent, and I’ve figured out that the choice comes down to a trifecta of quality, customization, and price. 

Quality comes into the picture both in the construction of the cabinets and in the customer service. Turnaround on a standard order of these cabinets reliably falls right around four weeks; we can trust that we’ll get our products when Mid Continent says we will. The build of these American-made kitchen cabinets is just as consistent, and I feel comfortable and confident recommending them to clients. 

The company offers over 2,500 combinations of styles, finishes, and wood species, along with the ability to add or subtract pieces and accessories. Still, I’m hopeful that in the future we’ll see even more of those customization options. Typically, when a client chooses to go with a different cabinetry company, it’s because they want something highly unique and need entirely custom-made products. 

And, of course, the price is right for customers with these cabinets. What I tell them when they’re trying to decide is that, with Mid Continent, you’re getting an upper-end cabinet with a range of customizable options, for a price that won’t hurt your wallet. 

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Let me just start by saying this is the 3rd, full order, of Mid-Continent cabinets we have received that are TOTALLY unacceptable. I was assured by quality control manager Dennis Haley that he would personally inspect the cabinets, along with 3 other mangers. This 3rd order is horrific. I was also told that if this order came in bad, like the other shipments, I would get my money back. We are absolutely disgusted with the lack of quality or care this company gives. There is NO WAY these cabinets were inspected. It is a disgrace to American made products. We have been without a kitchen since June 2018. I have spoken to Steven Quintano who told me that consumer affairs would call me today...It's after 3pm and no call cmcwilliams@hotmail.com

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