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Innovative Product: Antoniolupi Ghost

An Italian showerhead that disappears into the ceiling

February 06, 2020
ghost shower from italian company Antoniolupi

As we settle into the new decade, consumers continue to look for fixtures the blend seamlessly into their home design. Rising to this challenge, Italian company Antoniolupi created Ghost, the “first disappearing showerhead,” according to the company.

Ghost currently comes in three iterations: the original recessed shower head, Ghost_BIG, and Ghost_COMBI. 

The original system consists of a square or rectangular Flumood plate (itself made from aluminum hydroxide and synthetic resins) outfitted with holes into which small nozzles retract when the shower is not in use. Once the system is mounted into the ceiling, it can be painted to match or complement the surrounding surfaces.

Ghost_BIG is—you guessed it—bigger than the original, but otherwise exactly the same. The gridded area measures 30x36 cm (about 12x14 inches), as compared to 20x25 cm (about 8x10 inches) for the original Ghost.

And finally, the most elaborate of the options, the Ghost_COMBI encloses in a single system four different types of jets that can be alternated and combined to fit user preferences: the traditional rain spray jet, two spray jets, a central nail jet, and a cascade jet. The entire combi system measures 20x35 cm (about 8x14 inches).

The company emphasizes regular cleaning with a solution of warm water and vinegar, or with liquid soap diluted in water, to avoid limestone deposits. A special tool comes with the shower head that allows users to remove each nozzle individually for cleaning and inspection (maybe not the best product for a client looking for low-maintenance fixtures).

List price for the original recessed Ghost shower head in the U.S. is $893. 

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