Home Depot Converting to Ground Contact Lumber

The world's largest home improvement specialty retailer is replacing its stock of above-ground-rated PT lumber.

April 15, 2016

The Home Depot has begun replacing its stock of above-ground-rated pressure treated lumber with material rated for ground-contact use. The conversion comes after revisions by the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) to its U1 Standard for pressure treated products, which state that some “critical” above-ground framing members, such as those used in deck construction, may need to be constructed using ground-contact-rated material, depending on how difficult they are to maintain, repair, or replace.

“We’re partnering with suppliers to convert certain wood products from ‘above ground contact retentions’ to ‘ground contact retentions’ in a rolling change that began in February and will impact nearly every U.S. store,” said Geoff Case, merchant for decking and pressure treated lumber for The Home Depot, in a release.

While every Home Depot store (except in Hawaii) currently stocks some ground-contact treated lumber, the company is expanding the number of ground- contact products it carries to include all 1-by and 2-by wood products and certain 5/4 decking products. Once the inventory of a particular product has been fully converted to ground-contact retention, the above-ground items will be available via special order. 


Read New Rules for Pressure-Treated Lumber for more about Revisions to AWPA's U1 Standard.

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What a pain in the butt to try and find pressure treated lumber at Home Depot. When you have a deck made of the stuff and you have to make repairs to it, wasting time looking for something you don't stock anymore is ridiculous. Who has time in this busy life to order lumber via on-line? I just bought all my needs from Lowes and will continue to do so. Sorry Home Depot I don't care how you justify the change, it still takes many years to exhaust the need of product people have been building with for years. I tried to shop at your Belleville Crossing store today. I walked out with nothing. The staff was not knowledgeable ( did not inform me about the change in above ground lumber to ground-contact lumber) or they would have told me more than we don't carry that any more. The two people I met at the entrance had real personality, neither said hi or smiled. They really wanted to serve the customer. I am so glad my company still has the client first in line rather than someone's bad day.

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