The Worst Jobs?

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One more reason why workers don’t want to enter the construction industry.

August 01, 2002

The Bottom 10
1. Lumber Jack
2. Fisherman
3. Cowboy
4. Ironworker
5. Seaman
6. Taxi Driver
7. Construction Worker (Laborer)
8. Farmer
9. Roofer
10. Stevedore

One more reason why workers don’t want to enter the construction industry: According to the 2002 edition of Jobs Rated Almanac by Les Krantz, construction worker (laborer) and roofer are among the 10 worst jobs in the United States. Using U.S. Department of Labor and Census statistics, the sixth annual almanac analyzes 250 careers by six factors: environment, income, employment outlook, physical demands, security and stress. Carpenter checked in at No. 228 and construction foreman or supervisor at 182, with surveyor ranking the highest among construction trades at 173. Construction jobs scored low in environment and physical demands, with comments including “adverse weather,” “long periods standing, bending or kneeling,” and potential for injury. The book reports starting salary for a carpenter (No. 153 for income) is $21,000, with top wages equaling $59,000. Under outlook, frequent periods of unemployment are cited. Disagree? Participate in an online discussion at or

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