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Words Matter: Why Pro Remodeler Is Not Using "Master Bedroom" Anymore

Pro Remodeler will no longer use the word "master bedroom" unless quoting a source or referring to an awards category. 

September 24, 2020
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Style Guide Changes

Get inside the brains of The Weekly editors with this panel on the "master bedroom" updates in the Pro Remodeler, Pro Builder, and PRODUCTS style guides. The editors also discuss how the building and remodeling industries are rethinking business procedures and naming conventions in light of cultural shifts. Watch the video to learn about the changes, how the editors came to their decisions, and where the line is when considering changing a naming convention. 

Recently, a movement to shift away from the term “master bedroom” has come into play. Earlier this summer, the Houston Association of Realtors swapped the word master for primary after a call with realtors in the area. This is one of the latest instances in the industry’s push to drop the term to eliminate any connotations related to slavery. 

An interesting thing to note about the use of the term master bedroom is that its origins have not been able to be traced back to slavery. Instead, the first instance of use is in a 1928 SEARS catalogue to describe a Dutch colonial home. But the connotations surrounding the phrase–and what some see as a sexist undertones as well–have been enough to spark debate throughout the industry.

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Have we come up with a new name? If not may I suggest Main Bedroom.

Why not Boss bedroom? Not racial, not sexist, but still kind of cool. I guess it might offend some ex-convicts? I have had both male and female bosses, myself. How about Grand Bedroom? Adjacent could be the Ascendant Bath resplendent with Imperial Toilet Compartment :) Ooh! The Conqueror’s Suite with Subjugated Inconsequential Serf Cells! I couldn’t care less to be honest. I hear that they have got this virus thingy going around.

This whole idea is not thought out. You are only bowing to politically insane rhetoric. Yes, words do matter, and your words are hiding in the sand. To suggest that Master Bedroom has anything to do with slavery is ludicrous. Should we not use a master lock, code or switch? What is next? Color? Should we use tint, hue, shade? Bringing up these topics only feeds racial division. This is not offensive to blacks, it is only offensive to white liberals who feel guilty because they were told to feel that way.

Perhaps you can rename "Master Bedroom" as "First Child/Children Bedroom." In professional circles, a "master" is someone who has acquired enough knowledge and personal/professional experiences to have earned a recognized position of respect and leadership by those who have not yet done so. Moreover, a "master" almost always carries the responsibility and burdens for not just him/herself but for those who he/she leads, teaches, and/or serves and cares for, as well.
Your supposedly innocuous decision to redefine the bedroom hierarchy in a residence is a nauseous attempt to attain politically correct Nirvanna. It is denial of a normal family of potential parent units and potential offspring as a natural order.
But perhaps you prefer that all individual homo sapiens be identical widgets- no differences in age, gender, weight, height, health, experience, maturity, etc. What a perfect fit that would be for your very symbolic generic, NON-master, bedroom(s)- by default no need to mentor, nurture, or care for dependent infants and youngsters by a "master bedroom" parent.
Eliminating "master" from the vocabulary plasters over the inconvenience that all knowledge and experience is not universal, . . . and that the inexperienced in both tend to survive and advance if they are positioned to learn from someone who has already traveled that intimidating new path and can help the less experienced.
To be sure that there is no "master" to justify "master bedroom," shall we expect that elimination of not just master/parent/leader is in order? Why stop there? How about anyone who has earned any position of merit or leadership? Pol Pot tried out this theory in Cambodia. Millions of parents, teachers, doctors, lawyers, etc. were butchered, including family members of some dear friends.
It's a messy business to make sure that all human widgets are indeed "equal." But that's the burden borne by those who have a need to remove "master" along with masters/mastering/mastered from the dictionary and real life.
Who knew that simply by removing "Master" from a floor plan bedroom that you would revolutionize the world. You're right, words do matter.
I've enjoyed and appreciated reading the ProRemodeler. But it's time to part company. Down through the annals of history, those who chose to play politically correct games ended up on ash heaps. So long folks.

Seriously? This is getting ridiculous. Some folks just don't have enough to do with their time.

why don't we just go ahead and take the word's BLACK and WHITE out our vocabulary. please remove me from your email list.

This political correctness itself has gone toxic and you are enabling lunacy! This is the most ill-conceived, illogical, piece of self-serving, virtue signalling I have ever seen printed in the industry.

In construction we have framing members like "King studs",and "Cripples". Are we going to change them to "Leader Studs", and "Vertically-Challenged Studs"?

There are Red. Black and white wires used in electricity. Its terrible that is that black wires are NEGATIVE polarity! I am sure that some find that connotation is offensive. How about we make them all the same color so we don't somehow offend Native Americans, African Americans and even the White "Karens" that are out there.
When your "politically correct" but faulty-wired house burns down you can take solace with the knowledge that you "did the right thing".

You also need to change the name of your publication. " Pro Remodeler" is exclusionary to those people who aren't really "pros". Your magazine's name itself can give them a feeling of inferiority. how about you call it
"Magazine for Non-Gender Specific Individuals or Groups Who Somehow are Associated with Housing Construction".

I am done with Pro Remodeler as well.

That is stupid!! People are being stupid about this kind of thing that has been the same for years and years. Get over it!!

I can think of so many reasons why I find this forum to be such a shallow, pretentious discussion.

For starts, I noticed that among the participants there are no linguists, cultural anthropologists or any academics that specialize, for instance, in the evolution of language. After all, the origin and use of vocabulary do not exist in a vacuum. This type of discussion should therefore include experts who really understand how we use vocabulary as a social tool, how words evolve over time, and how this process relates to and/or reflects societal change.

In addition, any in-depth discussion on the evolution of key terms in our lives also needs to include some discussion on how the brain processes information. In our heads, what does it really mean if we call a bedroom “master”, “main” or whatever fashionable, PC term we come up with to appease certain groups at that given moment? Does it ultimately make any difference to the general public?

Furthermore, at the end it does not really matter what you call that particular bedroom if all of these discussions do little to change how people think, or if social values remain unchanged, and if how we view and treat others remains unaltered.

How about "Liege Lord's Lair"?

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