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Women at WIRC Podcast: Episode 4

Simply Sold founder Ashley Wainscott is no stranger to burnout—but after a health scare, she knows more about how to head it off

January 08, 2020
women at wirc episode 4 ashley wainscott

Episode 4: Ashley Wainscott

Ashley Wainscott piqued my interest at the Women in Residential Construction conference last year when she introduced herself to the room. The fact that Ashley’s company, Simply Sold, is 80% women-owned and operated caught my attention for obvious reasons, but on top of that, this Austinite carries herself with an air of authority and power without being intimidating. She’s also a Millennial, who graduated with no intent of joining this industry, yet here she is, happy and thriving.

I knew I wanted to talk to her.

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This episode was written and produced by Kaitlin Schuler, with editing by Erika Taylor.

About the Author

About the Author

Kaitlin Schuler is the special projects editor for Pro Remodeler. 



Excellent PodCast! Thank you for the insights shared!

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