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Versetta Stone: Simple Install, Simply Beautiful

sponsored | October 08, 2020
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Boral Building Products, Inc

Versetta Stone offers the timeless look of stone and a panelized installation within reach of nearly any contractor. Much like traditional siding panels, Versetta Stone siding features an integrated nailing flange so it can simply be nailed or screwed into the wall. The tongue-and-groove profile ensures proper spacing. 
Unlike regular stone, there’s no need for mortar, scratch coat, or metal lath which makes it easier and less messy for indoor installations. And, the lightweight aggregate makeup also helps reduce installer fatigue.
Versetta Stone is available in three profiles—Ledgestone, a traditional dry-stack look; Tight-Cut, which features the look of cut-and-fitted stone; and modern Carved Block, offering the look of split-face stone—and all are well suited to traditional, transitional, and contemporary styles.

Boral Building Products

Here are a few ideal projects for Versetta Stone:
• Bathroom wall
• Mailbox
• Fireplace
• Accent wall
• Porch columns
• Kitchen backsplash
• Freestanding bar

“Installing Versetta Stone” video from the manufacturer available at



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