Tips for Selecting Kitchen Lighting

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Creating effecting lighting schemes for your kitchen requres more than just the flip of a switch.

April 01, 2000

1. Maintain proper light levels for sufficient illumination - 20-35 foot candles.

2. Mount decorative fixtures in the center of a workspace.

3. Create additional general lighting with down lights mounted 18 inches off the edge of cabinets, and spaced 3 to 4 feet on center.

4. Use under cabinet lighting in valences and toe spaces to create drama while creating light to safely navigate through the kitchen late in the evening.

5. Mount under-cabinet lightingcabinets to reduce shadows, while adding critical light to work spaces.

6. Light up a breakfast bar or counter with mini-pendants, mounted approximately 18 to 24 inches above the work surface.

7. Use a pendant on a dimmer, hanging 24 to 30 inches above dinette tables for added task lighting. Size the fixture to roughly 12 inches less in diameter than the table.

8. Wash an entire dinette area with light from a glass or plastic pendant.

Source: Progress Lighting

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