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3 tips for leveraging social media platforms to their highest potential to market and grow your remodeling company

May 08, 2019

The influence and power of social media is clear to anyone with an Internet connection. But many companies, particularly in this industry, are still navigating best practices on these platforms to increase leads and visibility. In the past two years at Atchison Heller Construction Company, we’ve focused on growing our presence on Facebook and Instagram specifically. Doing so has helped strengthen our authority and increase our reach in the community. (To give an idea of our progress, two years ago we had between 300-500 Facebook followers; now, we’re up to nearly 3,000.)

Here are our top three tips for remodeling companies looking to leverage social media to their advantage. 

Show Your Humanity

Showcasing past projects and satisfied customers on your website will help pull people in and show off your company’s skills. But carrying that over to social media while adding a personal touch reminds prospects your company is made up of people like them who just happen to have remodeling skills. They want to know that you can connect with them on a personal level while also creating a beautiful, well-crafted project. 

Every three or four posts, mix up the visually enticing aftershots with photos of remodelers and tradespeople on the job, in-progress projects, and glimpses into your employees’ lives (with their permission, of course). 

Create Consistency

We share our social media management with a marketing company, and are now posting 3-4 times a week. It maximizes our time and energy, but when you have multiple people posting across platforms, establishing a consistent tone and strategy for your company is crucial. 

Mix up your visually enticing aftershots with images of people on the jobsite, in-progress photos, and glimpses into your employees’ lives.

Sit down with team members involved in your social media management to set standards for things like target word count, what kind of information to include, strategies for tagging other accounts, and best times to post.

Emphasize Interactions

Social media success comes from making and nurturing connections. Prospects are there to engage with you, and it’s an easy opportunity to show them what your business is about beyond your polished website.

Engage with accounts that comment on your posts, whether that is a comment back or a direct message; those users might not turn into a lead immediately, but they will remember you when they’re ready to remodel. Respond to direct messages as soon as you open them, so it’s clear they can count on you to stay in touch. 

Social media has provided us a great way to position ourselves in the community and industry. Combining these strategies has helped us increase impressions and followers by more than 100% since December. 

About the Author

 David Atchison serves as  partner and supervisor for custom homes at Atchison Heller Construction Company in Lexington, Ky. 
Max Heller serves as partner and project manager at Atchison Heller. 

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