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Should Remodelers Worry About a Homeowner's FICO Score?

September 27, 2021
fico score remodeling

Do FICO scores tell a homeowner's entire financial story? James Waite of Hearth weighs in on what home improvement pros should focus on when navigating a potential client's financial history. He also gives tips for talking about APR and monthly payments.

"APR is something people get hung up on in their own head where it's all about the APR—it's not," says Waite. "It's all about knowing what is normal and knowing what somebody's FICO should dictate. Just because I have an 800 FICO doesn't mean I'm going to get the best rate of all time."

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Editor's note: We are sorry to report that James Waite died on July 16, 2021. We send condolences to his family during this tragic time.

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